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Frequently Asked Questions

How can BBB help you find an accredited roofing contractor?

When you have a leak or need a whole roof replacement, BBB can help you find accredited roofing contractors near you. Search this list to find an Accredited roofing contractor near you. Construction Services, Roofing Contractors, Siding Contractors ...

Why hire a roofing company near you?

But it can also be beneficial to hire roofers near you rather than just any company. Local pros understand what materials can better withstand weather like rain, snow, wind, and hail. They can make recommendations based on other homes in your neighborhood and they typically know the local permit procedures and code requirements.

Do you need a roof replacement or spot repair?

General Contractor, Roofing Contractors, Construction Services ... Roofing Contractors, Construction Services, Siding Contractors ... The best way to determine whether you need a roof replacement vs. spot repairs is getting the opinion of professional. When a roofer visits they will want to know the age of the roof and will search for damage.

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