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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to roompact?

Roompact uses single-sign on. Residents should log in using their campus email address and password. For detailed instructions review the Login Instructions. Residents can opt out of text messages sent via Roompact by replying to a text with the word STOP.

What software does roompact use for Resident Management?

Roompact’s software also integrates with your HMS/SIS to ensure your resident assignment information is always up-to-date. Current Roompact campuses use StarRez, Adirondack’s The Housing Director, RMS Mercury, Ellucian’s Banner and Colleague, CBORD’s ResCenter, eRezLife, Symplicity’s Residence, Academe Solutions, and more.

How does roompact validate the service ticket?

The Roompact server validates the service ticket against the CAS server of the institution set in the cookie created in step 1. If the validation is successful, the user is authenticated in Roompact and a session is created. The user is redirected to their Roompact dashboard.

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