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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best flowers for butterflies?

Simple flower petal structure makes it easier for butterflies to get to the nectar. Some of the best annuals would include asters, cosmos, gaillardia, lantana, mallow, marigolds (French marigold), sunflowers (especially Mexican sunflower), verbena, and zinnias.

How are flowers pollinated by butterflies?

Some Flowers Are Exclusively Pollinated By Butterflies. While the shape of a butterfly’s body prevents it from pollinating some plants as well as other insects, they have certain characteristics that make them perfect for some flowers. One such flower is the firecracker plant.

What do butterfly flowers look like?

The butterfly-like flowers, which have the common nicknames "whirling butterfly" and "butterfly gaura," emerge from rose-colored buds at the ends of long, wiry stems, opening in small groups that increase the chances of pollination. The flowers of Gladiolus teretifolius plants are elegant, bright red specimens.

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