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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find discounts for Roses department store?

Visit Roses Store Discount Stores online for current promotions! www. RosesDiscountStores .com. Roses Discount Store department store offers great, quality items at low prices, every day! Roses - The smart way to shop. rosesdiscountstores .com. Big Lots! BIG Deals on Everything for Your Home!

What kind of products are sold at Roses?

Roses offers products such as: Food, drinks, snacks, toys, furniture, clothing, housewares, footwear, bedding, health and beauty, home décor, home improvement, electronics, pet supplies, outdoor and recreational equipment.

Is there a Walmart sister store to Roses?

Roses is the sister store of Maxway, a sort of local mini-Walmart store scattered around the 'hoods of the DMV. If you're looking for a discount on food, furniture, clothes or pretty much anything else, Roses is a great place for you.

Who is the founder of the Roses store?

Roses was established by Paul Howard Rose in 1915, in Henderson, North Carolina in the USA. Step by step the company had been expanding even into shopping centers etc. In the 1970s Roses was rewarded as one of the nation's most rapidly growing retail chains.

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