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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Roses Express stores located?

Roses Express Store to Open in Newnan, GA. Henderson, NC – Roses Stores, owned and operated by Variety Wholesalers, Inc., announced plans to open a Roses Express store in Newnan, GA., located at Merchant’s Crossing, 50 Bullsboro Drive. Grand Opening is set for late 2016.

Where are Express stores located?

The headquarters of the company is situated in Columbus, Ohio, New York,United States. Express Inc has more than 632 stores across the United States, Canada, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

How do you store roses?

Place the rose container in a plastic garbage bag, and tie the top loosely around the stem. This conserves moisture around the roots. Store the rose bush containers out of direct sunlight, which can warm the plants enough to break out of their dormant stage.

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