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Frequently Asked Questions

How long to learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone?

The result, which even surprised von Ahn: it only takes a Duolingo user 34 hours to learn the equivalent of a first college semester’s worth of Spanish. A similar study by the same researchers who conducted Duolingo’s study, by the way, found that it took Rosetta Stone users between 55 and 60 hours to learn the same amount of material.

Is Rosetta Stone worth it?

Yes, Rosetta Stone can greatly help you to reach your language learning goals and improve your skills. It can help you to get your future job abroad or something else that you’ve dreamed of. That’s why it can totally be worth it.

How good is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone is, on the whole, a very good program for an inexperienced language learner. The interface is visually pleasing and by going through the software you really feel like you are making progress quickly.

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