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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Rosetta Stone for learning Spanish?

The University of New York did a study on the effectiveness of the Rosetta Stone Spanish course. It found that roughly 55 hours spent learning with Rosetta Stone was comparable with a 1 semester college level Spanish course. So on one level yes . Rosetta Stone definitely works . If you use it you will learn a foreign language.

What you should know about the Rosetta Stone?

What You Should Know About the Rosetta Stone Discovery of the Rosetta Stone. ... Rosetta Stone Content. ... Related Meaning for the Term Rosetta Stone. ... Physical Description of the Rosetta Stone. ... Location of the Rosetta Stone. ... Languages of the Rosetta Stone. ... Deciphering the Rosetta Stone. ...

How much does Rosetta Stone cost?

However, Rosetta Stone isn't cheap-prices start at $80 for a three-month subscription-and you might be wondering if it's really better than free language-learning apps like Duolingo. After testing the program for around a month, here's what we think you need to know about Rosetta Stone-and whether it's worth your hard-earned money.

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