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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rotary 2 post lift?

Rotary Two Post Lifts. All Rotary two post lifts use a direct, twin ram lifting system which means that there are no ropes, chains or pulleys under load and very few moving parts. Clever column design ensures that the posts are massively strong whilst their baseless configuration reduces trip hazards and allows free movement...

What is a rotary hoist?

Automotive hoists, also known as auto lifts, are used to raise vehicles off the ground to allow technicians to make repairs. The term Rotary hoist refers to a specific hoist brand name. This company manufactures light-duty lifts for raising standard cars, and heavy-duty lifts which are used for servicing large commercial trucks and buses.

What is a vehicle lift?

A vehicle lift is one of the most important items of display of most service and repair bays. They are an integral part of vehicle maintenance and repair tasks; they are used more times per day than just about any other piece of equipment in your shop.

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