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Frequently Asked Questions

What does round trip mean?

A round trip is a journey to a particular destination and back, in most cases using the same route. A simple example is if someone takes a flight from Ontario, Canada to St. Lucia and then takes a flight from St. Lucia to Ontario, Canada .

What does round trip flight mean?

A round trip flight is when you buy tickets once and the company provides you with tickets to and from your destination. Technically, you don't take a round trip flight, you buy a round trip ticket. The only use I can think of for a round trip flight would for a courier making a delivery to someone at the airport.

What is round trip when trading stocks?

A round trip is defined as buying and selling the same stock or options position during the same day , which includes pre-market, regular market and post-market trading sessions. This means buying to open and selling to close the same stock or options contracts in a single day.

Does Uber do round trips?

Uber does allow for round trips, that is, if you're willing to pay for it. You need to tell the driver to wait after they drop you off for you to get back in the car.

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