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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you like about Roy Morgan Research?

Great people with great work culture. Been the Face of Roy Morgan Research out in the field. Acquired great skills in face to face interviewing. Learnt dealing with people from all walks of life. I greatly enjoy interviewing people, building a rapport with them at the same time. Gained in-depth knowledge in people skills.

Who is Roy Morgan and what is asteroid?

ASTEROID is a software package developed by Roy Morgan Research Ltd to meet your research analysis needs, and the purpose of this training guide is to introduce you to the main functions of ASTEROID. Course Objectives

Which is the best Roy Morgan Risk Report?

Roy Morgan Risk Report – this topline report provides an overview of the drivers of trust and distrust, shows which industries are most trusted and most distrusted, and reveals the relative positions of brands in each industry.

Where is the head office of Roy Morgan?

The company has annual turnover of more than A$ 40 million, and along with the head office in Melbourne, also has offices in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane as well as offices of Roy Morgan International in Auckland, London, New York City, Princeton and Jakarta .

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