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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSM student portal and how does it work?

At RSM Student Portal, you’ll be able to simply have access to all or any the assignments, tests, homework, and notes that you just couldn’t have whereas being in high school. Any student from Andover who desires to get listed in RSM Student Portal is welcome to try and do this.

Why RSM for afterschool math?

RSM students also see higher grade point averages in school, more confidence, and a strengthening of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The Russian School of Mathematics is an award-winning, afterschool math program that serves K-12 students across the country.

Where are the RSM schools located?

One of the schools of RSM is located in Washington. It opened in the year 2012 as the first branch of RSM in Washington. The branch serves students who come from Redmond, Seattle, Renton, Sudbury and other communities located in the surrounding areas. RSM has a campus in the state of New Hampshire in Nashua.

What is the schedule for RSM-online classes?

RSM-Online classes meet anywhere from 2 - 4 hrs a week depending on a child's grade. Class availability is subject to change; please reach out to us if you have any questions on the schedule. Our students post remarkable scores on math competitions, in school, and see a greater confidence in their math and learning abilities overall.

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