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Frequently Asked Questions

What information goes on the RSVP cards?

Information that goes into an RSVP includes: Address for RSVP to be returned Postage Spot for writing down guests' names Place to indicate whether the guests are or are not coming Spot for writing in the number of guests under the invitation Dinner choice (if necessary)

What does RSVP mean in invitation cards?

• Invitation means the act of inviting someone for an event. • RSVP is a French phrase, Répondez, s’ilvous plait. • Use: • Invitation is given to the guest to inform him or her that he or she is invited to an event. • RSVP is printed on the invitation card, to ascertain the number of guests attending the party.

What does RSVP mean on a birthday card?

RSVP stands for "repondez s'il vous plait," which translates to "respond if you please.". RSVPs to a birthday party can help parents know how much food there needs to be. RSVPs request a response to an invitation so a host knows who is coming to an event. RSVPs can give hosts an idea of what kind of parking requirements they may need.

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