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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Kassir to return his RSVP?

Work with Lord Garridan and Lady Ilinca to ensure that Cryptkeeper Kassir is able to attend and returns his RSVP. If you haven't met Cryptkeeper Kassir yet in your adventures, you may need to introduce yourself before he'll listen to you. The prince is wise to hold court.

Where can I find the Cryptkeeper Kassir?

This NPC can be found in Revendreth . Cryptkeeper Kassir says: <name>! What a wonderful surprise to see you! Cryptkeeper Kassir says: Archivist Fane will explain the details. Cryptkeeper Kassir says: Awaken, Temel. Your skills are needed. Cryptkeeper Kassir says: I hope that's you, <name>...

How do I get RSVPs for Ember Court?

Speak with Lord Garridan to see your Guest List, then meet Cryptkeeper Kassir to earn his RSVP. Prince Renathal will wish to invite certain guests to each Ember Court.

Where can I find the lost Cryptkeeper's ring?

Collect Atonement Crypt Keys from venthyr around the Halls of Atonement and open Atonement Crypts until you find the Lost Cryptkeeper's Ring. I would be most honored to attend Prince Renathal's Ember Court.

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