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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Rudy really carried off the field?

The final scene where Rudy is carried off the field was real, but significantly embellished. Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana, who was a teammate of Rudy’s at Notre Dame, said in a 2010 interview, “He did get a sack. And then the guys carried him off, just playing around.

What did Rudy do?

Upon graduating from Notre Dame, Rudy spent one year as a grad assistant and then went on to work in the insurance industry. Today, Rudy works primarily as a motivational speaker, often appearing to speak in front of large corporations.

Is the movie Rudy a true story?

The movie "Rudy" was a true story of a young man who overcame all odds and played football for Notre Dame. Rudy's obsession with Notre Dame came from his father.

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