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Frequently Asked Questions

Which country has won the Rugby World Cup the most time?

The Rugby World Cup has been held seven times, with New Zealand each winning it three times, and Australia, South Africa twice each. The other winner was England in 2003. England is the only nation from the northern hemisphere to have won the tournament.

How many teams play in the Rugby World Cup?

Under the current format, 20 teams qualify for each Rugby World Cup. Twelve teams qualify automatically based on their performance in the previous World Cup - the top three teams in each of the four group (pool) stages of the previous tournament qualify for the next tournament as seeded teams.

What is the history of Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup first began in 1987 and was won by New Zealand with the other winners including Australia in 1991 and in 1999 and South Africa and England the other winners of the Web Ellis trophy and winners of the Rugby World Cup.

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