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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the atmosphere at rumors night club?

Went to Rumors on a Saturday night and had a lot of fun! It has a wonderful atmosphere with all the art work on the walls and the fun dance floor. I didn't love how the bathroom stalls don't have doors (bring a friend to act as a wall). The people working in the entrance were also not very friendly.

Where is the rumour club in Honolulu located?

One of the concierges who was a Salsa dancer. Checked his smartphone and gave us a recommendation of Rumour Club. This club holds Latin Night on Tuesdays. This particular nightclub is located in the famous Ala Moana Hotel, which is next to the Ala Moana Mall.

When does rumors Gentlemen's Club in Atlanta Open?

Rumors is a true Gentlemen's Club, debuting to serve Atlanta. Come to Rumors for a new type of Gentlemen's Club experience. At Rumors, you are always welcome - please come and let us serve, pamper, and entertain you! Open from 11:00am until 3:30am daily.

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