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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is runa from kakeugrui?

Her English voice actor, Kayli Mills, is 26. And in 2019’s live-action adaptation, Runa is played by the then-29-year-old singer and actress Mito Natsume. Kakeugrui is streaming on Netflix.

Is runa a sociopath in Kakegurui?

A student council member, referee, and gamer, Runa Yomozuki is a fan-favorite character in Kakegurui ‘s anime adaption. Based on Homura Kawamoto’s manga, Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, Runa wears a playful attitude that can bend towards sociopathy at times.

Who is Runa Yomozuki?

Runa Yomozuki (黄泉月 るな Yomozuki Runa) is a member of the Student Council. She's the leader of the Election Committee who serves as a referee during election gambling matches.

What does runa from Runa look like?

“Nya ha! Get back or don’t blame me if you’re a total wreck later on!~” “You better watch your mouth,child.” Runa is a very short teen which makes that she looks like little girl. She has very light skin, violet eyes and long blonde hair with short bangs, splited in the middle of her forehead.

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