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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still exercise with runner's knee?

If you still want to run, even while having runner's knee, be smart about how much you run and where. If you overdo it, you'll most likely experience a much longer recovery time. Many health professionals say that is OK to run even when you have an injury like runner's knee.

Are there any home remedies for runner's knee?

Home Remedy Treatments for Knee-Saving Strategies Look at your feet. A common cause of knee problems is overpronation, or rolling inward of the foot. ... Buy the right shoes. Wear the lowest heel possible. ... Then replace them. Often, knee problems are simply the result of walking or running in shoes that are worn out. ... Check your alignment. ...

How do you get rid of runner's knee?

If I could recommend only one type of exercise to get rid of runners knee, the foam roller would be the winner. It loosens up the quads and the IT band, helping relieve tension and tightness in the knees surrounding muscles.

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