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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best socks for runners?

In the summer, sweaty feet will increase your risk of blisters. The best running socks are ones that are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, and CoolMax because these fibers wick moisture away from the surface of your skin.

What to look for in running socks?

You can find running socks ranging from paper thin to thick and warm. Beyond keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer, the thickness of a sock is a sign of how much cushioning that sock will provide. For a more cushioned feel, opt for thicker socks; for a minimal, barely-there sensation, choose a thin sock.

What are the best running socks to prevent blisters?

Drymax® Sport Socks is another brand that claims to prevent blisters and chafing on feet by repelling water, keeping feet cool and dry. Long-Distance Running Socks: The best running socks for marathoners should be made with synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics to keep feet cool and dry over long periods.

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