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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ryan Hurst do for a living?

Ryan has devoted his life to coaching others in strength and movement, but always lets his philosophy of “training for a healthy life” lead the way. He is a father to two young children, and the most important thing to him is to be able to play with them without pain or fear of injury.

What kind of belts does Ryan Hurst have?

He holds black belts in Kendo, Judo, and Shorinji Kempo, a purple belt in BJJ, and practiced 10 years as a competitive gymnast. He is married with two children and has lived in Japan for over 25 years.

How long has Ryan Hurst been in Osaka?

Howdy, I’m Ryan. Originally from the Midwest in the U.S., I’ve been in Osaka for about 25 years now. Which when you think of it, is a hell of a long time. I work in the fitness industry, but I’m more like an anti-fitness fitness dude, or something.

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