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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ryan Lochte's girlfriend?

Ryan Lochte’s girlfriend Amanda Sauer. Ryan Lochte’s girlfriend Amanda Sauer is a sixth grade teacher and a soccer coach.

How many gold medals does Ryan Lochte have?

Ryan Lochte has become a transcendent figure in the Olympic world. Ryan is an 12-time Olympic medalist (including five Gold, three Silver, and three Bronze).

Does Ryan Lochte have any siblings?

Lochte was born in Rochester, New York, the son of Ileana "Ike" (née Aramburu) and Steven R. Lochte. His mother is Cuban and was born and raised in Havana, while his father is of Dutch, English, and German descent. He has two older sisters, Kristin and Megan, and two younger brothers, Devon and Brandon.

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