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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman meet?

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been in a fake feud since 2009 — but they're actually friends. They met on the set of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (2009), and Reynolds has taken to making fun of the film in his "Deadpool" movies.

Who is in a feud with Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds hilariously reveals what fuels his feud with fellow actor Hugh Jackman. The ongoing battle between Reynolds and Jackman has provided endless entertainment for fans, with the two actors frequently poking fun at each other with every chance they get.

Are there any celebrity feuds like Hugh Jackman?

Celebrity feuds are everywhere in Hollywood. There’s the classics like Paris Hilton vs. Lindsay Lohan, the epic, like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, the shocking, like Kylie Jenner against Jordyn Woods, and then there’s the fake, like Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

What did Ryan Reynolds ask Hugh Jackman about Eddie the Eagle?

Reynolds has a sit down with Jackman to interview him about his movie “Eddie the Eagle” but shows up ill-prepared. Reynolds asks Jackman about playing the character named Eddie, to which Jackman responds that was not his role and asks if he really saw the movie.

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