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What did Hugh Jackman say to Ryan Reynolds' wife?

During the course of the interview, Jackman congratulates Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, on her birthday. “Blake is amazing, I don’t know how that happened but still she is flawless. To think of what she’s had to put up with.

Is Hugh Jackman taking a shot at Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool?

Most recently, Jackman took a shot at Reynolds' latest appearance as Marvel's Merc with a Mouth. To help promote his new film Free Guy, Reynolds suited up as Deadpool again and released a video wherein he reacted to the movie's trailer alongside the MCU's Korg.

Does Hugh Jackman feel bad for Blake Lively for having to quarantine?

RELATED: Hugh Jackman Says He Feels Bad For Blake Lively For Having To Quarantine With Frenemy Ryan Reynolds: ‘It Must Be Brutal’ “Jess Cagle Show” Julia Cunningham adds: “I mean its classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ where she is trapped with Ryan Reynolds in a castle somewhere.

Did Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds call a truce in war?

Just one month after Ryan Reynolds told Ellen DeGeneres he was at “war” with Hugh Jackman, the two pals called a truce in their great war when Reynolds said he was going to make a “beautiful ad” for Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee on Twitter. Official truce with @realhughjackman!

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