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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Hugh Jackman roast Ryan Reynolds on Twitter?

“The Wolverine” actor ended up winning, which meant Reynolds had to post a hilarious video on Twitter and Jackman got to absolutely roast him. “Quite literally, I have a legal obligation to post this,” Reynolds quipped in a tweet on Monday, which showed the nearly minute and a half long clip.

Did Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds call a truce in war?

Just one month after Ryan Reynolds told Ellen DeGeneres he was at “war” with Hugh Jackman, the two pals called a truce in their great war when Reynolds said he was going to make a “beautiful ad” for Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee on Twitter. Official truce with @realhughjackman!

Did Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman make fake political ads about each other?

In November 2018, Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Made Fake Political Ads About Each Other In November 2018, Hugh Jackman was receiving award consideration for his portrayal of Senator Gary Hart in Jason Reitman’s political drama The Front Runner.

What did Ryan Reynolds say when he got a call from Hugh?

A befuddled Reynolds was left speechless on the call while he jokingly attempted to take in the news. The video then cut to a white screen that flashed “CONGRATS TO HUGH” in all caps, with a slightly smaller “Sorry, Ryan.” Reynolds has mastered the look of defeat.

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