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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think Ryanair is a good airline?

My Ryanair Review In Brief. While the internet may be clogged with Ryanair complaints, at the end of the day, I take a more whimsical approach and think of flying Ryanair as a mediocrely exciting challenge. Know the rules, and you WILL prevail, with shockingly cheap flights that are cheaper than a large pizza.

How many flights does Ryanair fly in a day?

Ryanair expert review by Erika Armstrong. Ryanair is a Dublin based low-cost airline that is Europe’s busiest international airline by passenger numbers. They fly 1600 flights daily to 185 destinations and boast the most on-time flights of any airline in Europe.

Where does Ryanair fly in and out of?

The airline's fleet is configured with a no-frills Economy Class, and passengers can expect to pay extra for things such as checking in at the airport and checking luggage, as well as food and drinks onboard. Ryanair has dozens of operating basis, with the primary bases located at Dublin Airport (DUB) and London Stansted Airport (STN).

What kind of customer service does Ryanair have?

Never trust ryanair with customer service in which putting the phone down when a conversation gets hard is acceptable. After Covid-19 I requested a refund of my money, then after a month they sent me an email saying that I got a voucher and if I want a refund I need to ask for it.

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