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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Ryanair flight diverted to Belarus?

A Ryanair plane from Greece to Lithuania was diverted to Belarus for several hours on Sunday, with activists saying it was done to arrest a dissident journalist on board. European nations reacted with outrage, accusing Belarus of "state terrorism".

Who was arrested on the Ryanair flight to Belarus?

On 23 May 2021, while in Belarusian airspace, it was diverted by the Belarusian government to Minsk National Airport where two of its passengers, opposition activist and journalist Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega, were arrested by authorities.

Where is Ryanair flight 4978 from to Lithuania?

Ryanair Flight 4978 was a regularly-scheduled international passenger flight from Athens International Airport, Greece, to Vilnius Airport, Lithuania, operated by the Polish subsidiary Buzz.

Who was on the plane that was forced down in Belarus?

Belarus Forces Down Plane to Seize Dissident; Europe Sees ‘State Hijacking’ The dissident, Roman Protasevich, co-founded a Telegram channel that is a popular opposition outlet in Belarus. The plane was flying from Athens to Lithuania when it was forced down.

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