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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to make a hard landing at Ryanair?

At the most, a very hard Ryanair landing will require landing gear assembly checks and maintenance but not replacement. They have good pilots who are more than capable of performing smooth landings, but it’s not required. Soft landings aren’t always the safest. Ryanair’s impeccable safety record of 0 serious crashes speaks for itself.

Why are firm landings so important on Ryanair?

Firm landings ensure that the aircraft does not take up additional runway length for long flares which is bad for wet runway conditions, minimizes the chances of having to go around because the aircraft floated past the touchdown zone and are considered to be safer even by Boeing SOPs.

Is it true that Ryanair landed in high winds?

Ryanair added: 'They landed safely and there was never any danger of the landing gear collapsing. This is a false, misleading and sensationalist claim.' The airport is the highest in the UK and regularly experiences high winds and therefore bumpy and even aborted landings are common place.

How did the Ryanair plane come down on the runway?

Ryanair warns all flights between Britain and the rest of... 'We came down with such a thud at first I thought the landing gear was going to collapse and we would end up sliding along the runway. 'The aircraft threw passengers left and right, with the pilot eventually gaining control and straightening us up.

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