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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the new Ryanair on time landing jingle?

'The new jingle is currently being rolled out on all Ryanair aircraft and is part of our ongoing improvements to the inflight experience,' Robin Kiely, the airline's spokesman, told MailOnline Travel. 'Our customers voted to remove the original trumpet fan fare through an Twitter poll last year and this is our newest version.'

How often does Ryanair flights land on time?

'It’s become synonymous with the Ryanair flight experience to hear an on-time arrival jingle, after all, over 90 per cent of our flights land on-time, and the new version has proven popular with our customers so far,' he added.

What kind of music is on Ryanair planes?

The music is being rolled out on all aircraft as part of Ryanair's 'Always Getting Better' campaign, following a Twitter poll last year that saw customers vote to remove the original trumpet-heavy tune. It was released on Ryanair's YouTube page, along with footage of what the brand's new Boeing 737 MAX 200 will look like.

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