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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ryrym?

RYM is one of the largest music databases and communities online, which you can use in endless ways to discover new music. Learn about some of the ways you can use RYM for music discovery.

What is RYM Rate Your Music?

Rate Your Music was founded on December 24, 2000, by Seattle resident Hossein Sharifi, who is still active on the site under the username "sikasikawa." The first version of the site, "RYM 1.0," allowed users to rate and catalog releases, as well as to write reviews, create lists and add artists and releases to the database.

What is the RYM rating system?

The main idea of the website is to allow the users to add albums, EPs, singles, videos and bootlegs to the database and to rate them. The rating system uses a scale of minimum a half-star (or 0.5 points) to maximum five stars (or 5 points). Users can likewise leave reviews for RYM entries as well as create user profiles.

What is a ryrym summer conference?

RYM's summer conferences are one of the ways we accomplish our mission of reaching and equipping youth for Christ. For nearly 50 years we have held conferences designed specifically for youth which are Word-driven , God-centered and Gospel-focused, and which aim at students' hearts.

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