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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ryo Asuka look like?

Physical Appearance As Ryo Asuka, he was lean build young man with light blonde Korean-undercut hair style, as well as piercing blue eyes, and had very pale skin. He is always seen in white clothes including a large overcoat. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle.

Do Akira and Ryo end up together?

Ryo is eventually taken in by the demoness Psycho Jenny in her human disguise. Akira is saddened that he won't get to see Ryo again, but the two stay in touch and end up becoming best friends with Ryo becoming genuinely attached to Akira spending much time together.

Why did Akira shield the kitten from Ryo?

One day Akira and Ryo found an injured and abandoned kitten in a box slowly dying. Akira wanted to make it comfortable in its final moments but Ryo wanted to perform a mercy-killing. Akira shielded the kitten trying to prevent Ryo from giving into his violent impulses.

What happened to Ryo's personality?

As Satan, the humanized Ryo aspect of his personality largely disappeared. Rather than fight the demons and defend humans, they instead used demons to eradicate humanity seeing them as a weak species.

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