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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the S2 sound of the heart signify?

The second heart sound (S2) represents closure of the semilunar (aortic and pulmonary) valves (point d). S2 is normally split because the aortic valve (A2) closes before the pulmonary valve (P2). The closing pressure (the diastolic arterial pressure) on the left is 80 mmHg as compared to only 10 mmHg on the right.

What is a cardiac S1, S2?

Discussion of Heart Sounds. S1 and S2 are heard at different levels of loudness, depending upon where you listen on the chest. The loudness of S1 is mainly determined by the position of the heart valves when ventricles contract. If valve leaflets are wide open at the time of contraction, the sound is very loud.

What is S2 heart sound?

The S2 heart sound is created by the closing of the aortic valve followed by the closing of the pulmonic valve. The second heart sound occurs at the end of systole (ventricular contraction) and also marks the beginning of diastole. S2 often has two audible components caused by the (separate)...

What is S2 portal?

S2 NetBox. S2 NetBox is a full-featured, web-based access control and event monitoring system that supports up to 32 portals. Features such as person record and cardholder management, event and alarm monitoring, threat level escalation and reporting are accessible from any web browser.

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