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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes S3 and S4?

s3 is thought to be caused by the chordae tendinae tensing. S4 is caused the extra atrial "kick" near the end of diastole because of a hypertrophic Left ventricle that produces a crap ton of turbulence.

What is the difference between A4 and S4?

Overview and differences in the exterior. The S4, on the other hand, is .6 inches longer than the A4. The Audi A4’s exterior design is slicker and has more intricate touches than the Audi S4’s. The A4 has exquisite grille corners and cockpit trimming, while the S4 has more of a “standard-looking” body.

What does S4 mean?

S4 has also been termed an atrial gallop or a presystolic gallop because of its occurrence late in the heart cycle. It is a type of gallop rhythm by virtue of having an extra sound; the other gallop rhythm is called S3. The two are quite different, but they may sometimes occur together forming a quadruple gallop.

What sound does S3 and S4 make?

S3 and S4 can occur in normal persons or be associated with pathological processes. Because of their cadence or rhythmic timing S3 and S4 are called gallops. Gallops are low frequency sounds, lower than both S1 and S2. It is best to listen to gallops with the bell of the stethoscope resting lightly on the skin.

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