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Frequently Asked Questions

What do religions believe in Sabbath?

The Sabbath is observed in Judaism and Sabbatarian forms of Christianity, such as many Protestant and Eastern denominations. Observances similar to or descended from the Sabbath also exist in other religions. The term may be generally used to describe similar weekly observances in other religions.

What churches observe the Sabbath?

The sabbath is one of the defining characteristics of seventh-day denominations, including Seventh Day Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists, the Seventh-Day Evangelist Church, the Church of God (7th Day) headquartered in Salem, West Virginia, the Church of God (Seventh Day) conferences, True Jesus Church, the United Church of God, and the Church of God ...

What does the Bible really say about the Sabbath?

Jesus observed the Sabbath (Luke 4:16) and never suggested a change to Sunday. He did, however, reject a strict legalistic interpretation of the Old Testament commandment. He said Sabbath observance was not a duty that mankind owed to God. Rather, God made the Sabbath as a day of rest for mankind's benefit (Mark 2:27).

When does Sabbath begin and end?

This period, in most places on the earth, is twenty-four hours long. In the few places where the time between sunsets in more than twenty-four hours, God has given a certain amount of flexibility so that his Sabbath day can be observed at a time approximating sunset (beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at 6 p.m.).

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