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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sachs clutch?

SACHS Clutch - Developed in Motorsports. Trust in the highest level of motorsports expertise. The products of the German traditional SACHS brand are being used globally on countless race tracks. For example, the German Touring Car Masters DTM has been provided with clutches for many years already.

What is the ZF Sachs RCS racing clutch system?

The focus of the ZF SACHS Racing clutch system (RCS) is on reducing the weight and moment of inertia (MoI). Competition clutches made by SACHS Germany enable maximum engine acceleration as well as minimum shift duration. The SACHS RCS clutch system can be configured to provide individual solutions for specific vehicles and tracks.

What is the performance of Sachs?

SACHS Performance. A considerable increase in performance and torque can be achieved through the chip tuning. This leads to a higher strain on the drive train (clutch, transmission, drive-shaft, tires).

Why choose Sachs products?

SACHS products are manufactured from high-quality materials, using state-of-the-art technology and processes.

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