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Frequently Asked Questions

What parts are available for the OEM Sachs Dolmar 110 chainsaw?

OEM Sachs Dolmar 110 Chainsaw Clutch Assembly With Sprocket... Bin S31 OEM Sachs Dolmar 110 Chainsaw Oil Pump Oiler... Bin S31 Only 1 left! OEM Sachs Dolmar 110 Chainsaw Intake Manifold Parts...

What do you need to know about Dolmar chainsaws?

Instead, you likely want to know all about Dolmar’s main product, the chainsaw. Dolmar chainsaws are distributed by Makita in the United States. Makita acquired Dolmar in 1991. Makita was familiar with electric chainsaws, while Dolmar specialized in gas chainsaw, so the match was made in heaven.

Is Dolmar a good power tool brand?

Dolmar Chainsaw Dolmar Power Products has been making power tools for over eighty years. The manufacturer was founded in 1927 by Emil Lerp in Germany. Lerp developed the first gas chain saw, and the company has been making high quality and functional power products ever since.

What is the engine displacement of a Dolmar/Makita saw?

The farm and ranch models will create an engine displacement of 35-50 ccs. And, the occasional use chainsaws make 32-35 ccs of engine displacement. It is a major advantage that Dolmar/Makita creates such varied saw types because each variety of saw has a different purpose.

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