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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the computer science and cosmetology departments at Sacramento City College?

The Computer Information Science Department at Sacramento City College teaches application development, programming, mark-up and scripting... The Cosmetology department is designed to train students to become cosmetologists and nail technicians, and, at the same time, students may...

What is the purpose of this canvas course?

The intent of this short, self-paced course is to provide faculty with resources you need to create a Canvas course which meets the minimum level of Canvas usage as described by the Joint LRCFT, District Academic Senate, and LRCCD statement (PDF) on requirements for the use of Canvas for Fall 2020.

How do I contact canvas support?

You can also submit a Canvas Support Request to the Help Desk. For American River College, call (844) 589-3851. For Cosumnes River College, call (844) 592-2203. For Folsom Lake College, call (844) 600-4947. For Sacramento City College, call (844) 612-7419.

Why choosesacramento City College?

Sacramento City College provides comprehensive support for all faculty, classified staff, and administrators to be able to do their jobs effectively and efficiently while focused on our institution's core mission – helping students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom!

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