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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take the sails math program?

In the 2018-19 school year, the SAILS math program will be available to 15,000 Tennessee high school seniors representing nearly half of the students that have not met college ready benchmarks by the senior year of high school.

What is sails?

Developed by K-12 teachers and higher education faculty, SAILS embeds the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Learning Support competencies into the high school senior year math course, allowing students to begin their higher education career prepared for credit-bearing coursework.

Is the sails program available in Tennessee?

Since SAILS was piloted in 2012, over 71,500 students have completed the program successfully and started postsecondary work without the need for math remediation. The SAILS program is available in all 95 counties in Tennessee and is widely accepted by colleges and universities across six states.

What is teamwork at sails?

Teamwork is the foundation of SAILS, and by having professionals from the community colleges and high schools work together, the project will continue to benefit thousands of students in Tennessee.

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