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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out my salary?

Locate the total gross pay on your pay stub. Gross pay is your total salary before deductions for taxes and benefits. Divide that amount by the number of hours you worked in that pay period. For example, suppose your gross pay was $190 for a week in which you worked 10 hours.

What percent gets taken out of paychecks?

Congress sets the percentages that the employer and the employee are required to pay in equal portions. Employers are required to withhold 6.2 percent of gross income for Social Security tax and 1.45 percent for Medicare tax from employees’ paychecks.

How do you calculate salary before taxes?

If you are paid twice per month, or semimonthly, multiply your gross pay by two. The result is your monthly gross salary. Multiply your monthly salary figure by 12. The result is your annual salary before taxes.

How do you calculate daily pay rate?

To find the daily pay rate, divide the employee's annual salary by 52 to compute the weekly rate. Next, divide the weekly rate by the number of days the employee is usually expected to work.

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