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Frequently Asked Questions

Should a nonexempt employee be salaried?

Employers have the option of paying a nonexempt employee on a salaried basis rather than on an hourly basis. They may choose to do so for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is it may simplify payroll administration if no overtime hours are worked (more on that in a moment). It could also make it easier to estimate monthly labor costs.

Who is considered a non exempt employee?

Non-exempt employees are typically laborers, and considered to be blue-collar workers. The FLSA also determines certain employment laws and employment rights, such as the lowest amount of money that employers can legally pay their employees.

What exactly does exempt and non-exempt mean?

The terms exempt and non-exempt are used to classify employees for the purposes of applying wage and hour law. An exempt employee is not protected by the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the wage and hour laws. A non-exempt employee is covered by wage and hour laws that require her/him to be paid at least minimum wage and overtime pay.

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