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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average salary for the Big Four?

Generally, compensation figures within the Big Four are often almost identical, with only a few minor differences. Some average numbers are shown below for a Big Four accounting salary in the United States (in USD). Salaries in Canada or the UK are different and are often slightly lower than those in the United States.

How are salary grades determined at the ESA?

Has anybody found that the website is less than clear regarding salaries? The grade assigned to posts within ESA is determined on the basis of the duties and responsibilities associated with each post, as well as the minimum level of formal qualifications normally required to competently carry out the duties.

How much does a state employee make in PA?

75 5,103.00 5,216.25 5,334.75 5,451.75 5,571.00 5,696.25 5,823.00 5,952.75 6,087.75 6,222.00 Governor's Office Controlled Pay Scale Levels Annual* 130,133 133,086 136,040 139,130 142,182 145,292 148,558 151,864 155,248 158,769 162,270

Is there a salary scale for co-ordinated organizations?

Google: co-ordinated organizations salary scale. EUMETSAT has some updated figures: on page 73 unwards. Keep in mind that on top of the salary there are some other benefits.

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