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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pay scales for teachers in the UK?

These pay scales, agreed by the NEU and other unions, include the Government’s increase for 2020-21. Check these against the gross monthly pay figure on your pay slip, and ask your head teacher to confirm that you will be paid the appropriate rate for 2020-21. Advice on pay scales, pay progression and how to secure fair pay in your workplace.

What's the minimum salary for an employee in the UK?

UK Employee Salary Scale (2080 Hrs/Yr) * For all salaried positions Grade 44 and above, the minimum salary is $47,476.

What's the average salary for a professor in the UK?

Summary. Based on the 2018/19 HE Single Pay Spine and the typical 2019/20 university grade system, the average possible salary for university staff in the UK is: £40,761 for a Lecturer, £51,590 for a Senior Lecturer, £64,356 for an Associate Professor and £90,891 for a Professor.

Why is it important to use PayScale salary survey?

PayScale empowers people and employers with fresh, transparent, and validated salary data, easy-to-use software, and services to get pay right under any market conditions. We are committed to ensuring pay accuracy by providing reliable salary market data that remains true and transparent to respective sources.

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