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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average monthly salary in Vietnam?

Wage and salary in Vietnam are very dissimilar across occupations and contrast starkly between urban and rural areas. The average wage per person in Vietnam is around 3.2 million VND ($150) a month and differentiated by many factors.

What is the highest paying job in Vietnam?

Like many other economies in the world, the type of jobs firstly divides the salary level in Vietnam. The top professions that pay the highest salary are Mineral and Metallurgy (9.2million VND/month), Banking (7.6million VND/month) and Pharmacy (7million VND/month) while some other jobs like Textile or Food Industry workers only pay...

What is the average household income in Vietnam?

In 2019, the average monthly income per capita reached approximately 4.2 million Vietnamese dong (VND). In that year, the monthly average income per capita for the income group five was about 9.32 million VND . You need a Single Account for unlimited access.

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