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Frequently Asked Questions

What does xxx mean in Swift code for Salem Five Cent Savings?

See swift code general structure explanation above for details. XXX - This branch code value means this is the Primary Office (or Head Office) branch for SALEM FIVE CENT SAVINGS BANK (this branch code is optional). Are You Sending Money Overseas?

Where do I send a wire from Salem Five bank?

Wire to: Salem Five Bank, 210 Essex St, Salem MA 01970; ABA Routing Number: 211370558; Name of the customer whose account is being credited; Account number; An incoming wire transfer fee will be assessed to the recipient of the wire, per our Consumer Banking Fee Schedule.

What is Salem five's routing number?

Salem Five's routing number is: 211370558. By external transfer within Salem Five Online Banking. Or, via external transfer from another financial institution into your Salem Five account using Salem Five's routing number: 211370558. To request a postage-paid envelope for your deposit, Click here.

What is a Salem Five bank check?

A Bank Check also called a "Salem Five Official Check" can be for any amount. The money must be withdrawn from a Salem Five account and made to a specific payee. Both types of checks are available for Salem Five account holders only.

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