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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Salem five Mortgage Corporation?

Our residential mortgage division, Salem Five Mortgage Corporation, has helped more people buy homes than any other community bank headquartered in New England.

Why choose Salem Savings Bank?

From our modest beginnings in 1855 as a savings bank serving the people of Salem, we have steadily added services to help meet the complex financial needs of families and businesses throughout New England.

Why choose salsalem five?

Salem Five is owned and operated for the benefit of its customers. As an FDIC insured mutual bank with no stockholders, we’re accountable to our customers, employees, and communities. Mutual banks are a stable influence in local markets because most of our customers, both commercial and consumer, live and do business in our community.

Why Salem five charitable foundation?

At Salem Five, we understand the importance of helping our communities. Through the Salem Five Charitable Foundation, we are committed and continue to support a variety of community organizations ensuring vibrant and viable futures for the people whom these critical organizations serve. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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