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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Salem Public Library in Salem located?

Salem Public Library at Broadway location, 1400 Broadway St. NE, is open for browsing and other limited services from Tuesday, July 6 to Tuesday, August 17. Services are limited to browsing, checkout, holds pickup, limited public computer use and printing, WiFi access, and library cards.

Where is the city of Salem in Ohio?

Geography. The city of Salem is mostly (see map) surrounded by Perry Township. As with other townships in Ohio, Perry Township has been subject to annexation in recent years. Residents of land annexed to the city of Salem enjoy all benefits other residents of the city enjoy, and by Ohio law are now themselves residents of the city of Salem.

Is there a learningexpress library in Salem Township?

If you are recording online - Just call us when you have enjoyed 10 Materials. LearningExpress Library features nearly 1,000 online tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks to help patrons of all ages.

Who was the founder of Salem, Ohio?

Today, the city enjoys being an exurb of Youngstown and is the commercial hub of northwestern Columbiana County, home to Allegheny Wesleyan College and Kent State University at Salem . Salem was founded by a Pennsylvanian potter, John Straughan, and a New Jersey clockmaker, Zadok Street, in 1806.

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