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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salem State College a good school?

Of course most people wouldn't seek to go into a state school if they could get into a better one. For it's purpose, Salem State is a good college . Student's learn a lot if they choose to do so."

How good is Salem State?

After its ranking of 1,380 colleges, Salem State came in at an impressive 228. These statistics demonstrate that Salem State University has been making a positive impact for our students, particularly our students who are traditionally underserved, their families, the workforce, and society at large.

Where is Salem State University located?

Salem State University is a four-year, public university located in Salem, Massachusetts. The university, established in 1854, is located twenty miles north of Boston.

What is the mascot for Salem University?

The Ram has been the mascot of Winston-Salem State since 1932. According to accounts, Theodore Hayes, a basketball player on the first collegiate team of any kind at the university, came up with the name.

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