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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best sales conferences in 2020?

Less is more in 2020. Behold the rise of the micro-conference. No sales conference better embodies this than the Surf and Sales Summit, brain-child of Scott Leese. Located on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica (and soon to be Mexico and Nicaragua) the Surf and Sales Summit is a unique, intimate, fun event limited to just 20 people.

What are the different types of sales events?

There are two types of sales events: formal and informal. Here’s what sets them apart: Formal Sales Events: Agent presents plan-specific information to an audience invited to the occasion. Informal Sales Events: Agent offers plan info upon request only while at a table, booth, kiosk, or RV.

Which is the largest sales conference in the world?

AA-ISP The AA-ISP Leadership Summit is one of the largest and most intensive events for sales leaders out there. It’s specifically designed to bring together AA-ISP’s community of inside/digital sales leaders from around the globe for three days of intense training and networking.

How many sessions are in the ls2020 Conference?

#LS2020 is a three-day event with 65+ sessions to help you solve the challenges your teams are facing! This 12th annual event will bring together 900+ Sales Leaders dedicated to improving the performance and professionalism of their teams, and the industry.

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