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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate sales tax on a new car?

How the Tax Is Calculated. The tax calculation on a new car is straightforward. You must multiply the state sales tax rate by the actual price of the car, which is the manufacturer's suggested retail price, less any discounts offered by the dealer.

How much are taxes on a car?

Sales tax: Sales tax on a new car can take people by surprise. For example, at 9 percent , the sales tax on a $30,000 car is $2,700 . Cities and counties frequently add their own tax on top of the state tax, so the amount you pay can vary within a state.

How do you calculate the tax percentage?

Calculating the Tax Rate Subtract the Tax Paid From the Total Divide the Tax Paid by the Pre-Tax Price Convert the Tax Rate to a Percentage Calculating Amount of Tax Paid Add 100 Percent to the Tax Rate Convert the Total Percentage to Decimal Form Divide the Post-Tax Price by the Decimal Subtract the Pre-Tax Price From Post-Tax Price

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