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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clothes does Salman Khan wear?

His dressing style is very simple yet too elegant. He believes that the only thing that makes a person cool is simplicity. He is not much into accessories as well, except for a turquoise stone bracelet as he says it is lucky for him. He loves casual wear like black or blue fitted jeans with T-shirts.

How many brothers and sisters does Salman Khan have?

He has two brothers (Sohail and Arbaaz) and two sisters (Alvira and Arpita), with Arpita being an adopted sister. He is eldest of all his siblings. According to an estimate, he is one of the ten richest celebrities of Bollywood, with the net worth of approximately 245 crores.

What kind of character did Salman Khan play in dabang?

Salman Khan acted as a police inspector in his movie Dabang and he gave an extremely innocent and a very calm look to his character. He undoubtedly is the sexiest policeman that we know of. ↓ 17. Want To Go For A Run?

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