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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sanskrit a perfect language?

'Samskritam', also called as Sanskrit, is the oldest living language of the world today and one of the earliest ancient languages. The name 'Sanskrit' means complete, perfect.

What is the best way to learn Sanskrit?

The lessons given are very simple. In fact, the best way to learn Sanskrit is through an Indian language because learning Sanskrit through English is actually like touching your nose by putting your hand around your head backwards.

What are the best Sanskrit words?

13 absolutely Beautiful Sanskrit Words Breathe in Sanskrit is called as Shvaas. Sanskrit is recognized in the India Constitution as a classical language as well as an official language. Aham Prem | A Sanskrit word that means True Love. Tejo means Light and Maya means Universe or a lot. ... Another Sanskrit Words Symbol that can be used as Tattoo. Abja in Sanskrit means " The MOON". ...

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